Tuesday, 28 September 2010

28th sept

mental note - this is the busiest week ever.

Fleetwood if you can get >2.35 (price is coming back, so that's possible)
Cardiff x2
Portsmouth x2
Leyton orient x2.5
Oldham x1.5
Barnet x1.5
scunthorpe x2
qpr x2
wimbledon x2.5
newport x1.5
crawley x1.5

Busy night. Could be profitable. Hope so

Good luck


  1. Have played 0.1 pt acca at 5dimes, scun, pompey, cardiff, qpr, orient, newport, if wins will roll onto wimbledon x crawley tomorrow.

  2. 12 matches played tonight.

    6 draws. FIVE 0-0s! Not a fair sample! 4 would have been bad enough.

    -6.34 points. Can't remember a worse night in blog history?

    Roll on tomorrow and then saturday.

  3. You can't win every week Adam, a few losses amongst regular winning days is is to be expected.

    Where have your 0.5 stakes come from? reviously it was 1,2 or 3 units. Anyway good luck tonight and for the weekend, hit an underdog and the season will be back on track. Cheers Mark

  4. 3.49 units of profit last night. -2.95 units on the midweek which is a lot more palatable. 2.03 Wimbledon? If I hadn't been out, I would have had to have bet again. I looked at team news and it seemed to be neutral/in AFC's favour. When those asians start to fade a team, they just don't know when to stop, do they?

    Re: Staking - i'm using some more filters, Mark, in an effort to reduce volatility and smooth the staking a little, and improve the yield. 3 unit plays are still possible. Bets that are 0.5 units are omitted as not having the required 10% min yield.

    Cheers, Adam

  5. 23 points staked for a return of 20.05 points. loss of 2.95 units.

    total staked 52.5, profit (0.43) units.