Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Midweek L1/L2

Oldham x3.5
Oxford x2
hartlepool x2.5
Bristol Rovers x2
Yeovil x2
Walsall x2
York x1.5

THERE IS A SIGNIFICANT RISK OF EITHER A VERY GOOD OR A VERY BAD NIGHT TONIGHT. You should be aware - if you follow - that that is the case. If in doubt - stick to 1 point on all selections. At some point I will investigate the one point per selection method versus the advised stakes.

Good luck if you do play. Bristol Rovers and Walsall, in my opinion, might drift a little, esp bristol rovers.


  1. Forgot to comment. Also - major gamble taken place today on Wagner to win X factor, now 10.5/11 on betfair.

    One of these days one of these idiots will win one of these reality shows. Campaign could gather force I suppose. Very tempting to lay the price for all one is worth. But some must have thought that when Ryan giggs went 80 -> 40 -> 4 to win SPOTY last year, and he cruised it!

  2. In a continuing theme, the largest stake is beaten after trading short. 1.01 in this case for a right few quid. a winning night - but still, gutted.

  3. Oldham = -3.5pts
    Oxford = +7.78pts
    Hartlepool = +4.375pts
    Bristol Rovers = -2pts
    Huddersfield = +0.84pts
    Yeovil = -2pts
    Walsall = -2pts
    York = +0.975pts

    Staked 16.5pts, P&L +4.47pts