Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tues 28th Dec Mark II

WBA x4
Everton x1.5
Reading x2.5
Barnet x1.5
Swindon x1.5
Hamilton x1.5
Celtic x1.5
Hearts x2.5
Notts co x1.5
Brighton x2

PRICE SHOPPING IS EVER MORE IMPORTANT TODAY. Some of these have been crushed because of the poor lines that were initially set (due to the short break in the last 2 days football and a number of other soft factors outside of my control or ratings) but all are now available at or above the prices I have them in at. Best price is always a must but today its a must x 4

WBA for example I have them in at 4/6 here, they were 11/10 and are now 10/11 so its still a bet

Barnet I had 4/6 they were 6/5 but now 10/11. Still value according to me.

Just gives you a little idea of the underlying - there's value left on the table, just not as much as was around early yesterday sadly. Fleetwood and reading are not so strong in the market - the others are pretty strong.

Good luck if you play


  1. Hoping to keep our decent december form going!

  2. Newport = +1.47pts
    WBA = -4pts
    Everton = -1.5pts
    Reading = -2.5pts
    Barnet = -1.5pts
    Swindon = -1.5pts
    Fleetwood = +0.62pts
    Hamilton = -1.5pts
    Celtic = +0.42pts
    Hearts = +2.475pts
    Notts Co. = -1.5pts
    Bradford = -1pt
    Brighton = -2pts
    Kilmarnock = +1.98pts
    Millwall = +1.78pts

    -8.255pts, 25pts staked, 6W-9L