Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter monday

Bit of a rush with the fixture pileup, a lot of numbers to crunch.

Peterborough x2
Burton x2
QPR x2
Swansea x2
Accrington x2



0.1 pt acca as usual

GL if you follow.


  1. Worth noting for any acca players:

    I just put one acca on at 5dimes. Accrington Swansea Southampton and Luton.

    Odds 4.61 decimal.

    Just compared to betfair's offer.

    Odds 4.41 decimal, and that's before the commisison of a flat 5% that applies to all accas! Not going to bother discussing prem charge ramifications if you were a payer (i doubt many betfair acca players are PC payers!) - but even so, that's 4.24 after commission.

    Less than 90% of the payout at the 'fair compared to 5dimes. I have no doubt that would be a general trend rather than an unfair example. I'll keep tabs on it and post here.

  2. On the published acca excluding hudd (since they are tomorrow):

    5dimes I got 33.809245
    bf offering 27.9325 after comm taken into account at 5%.

    18% worse off at betfair! And that's just going to 5d, not shopping around although I believe them to be the most competitive (they will also lay a bigger bet as well!)

  3. a rare 6 winners 2 losers on the acca front. Accrington a big disappointment, that's a horrific result from a team that looked a few weeks ago like they were on the up and up.

    Then again, won enough from opposing grimsby this season!

  4. One final note on the acca rant front. is a handy site that I have mentioned before. What they offer here is a nice little touch (although its not perfect).

    Log into an account (free to create) and click the games that you want. It puts them into a coupon for you and tells you where the best price is. However its weakness is that it assumes that certain games can be combined at those odds (whereas at certain books they can't be, because they add some extra juice, like at some of the asians). It also doesn't allow for the fact that sometimes you can replace a moneyline with a 0.5 ball asian handicap as well.

    But I'm being overly picky there - essentially its a great tool to make sure you get as near as dammit to best price on your accumulators. Which is a very very big step in the profit making direction.

  5. Southampton +0.34
    Luton +0.11
    Peterborough x2 -2
    Hayes -1
    Cheltenham +3.21
    Burton x2 -2
    QPR x2 -2
    Swansea x2 +1.16
    Accrington x2 -2
    Acca -0.1

    Total Staked 14.1pts, 4W-6L, P/L -4.28pts
    Record goes to 65W-76L, +42.557pts