Saturday, 30 October 2010

30th Oct

Happy halloween - no time today so picks are:

Man u x2
newcastle x3.5
leicester x1.5
middlesboro x2.5
QPR x2
Orient x2.5
Yeovil x1.5
Accrington x4
Wimbledon x1.5
Hayes x2.5
Newport x1.5
Rushden x1.5
Nancy (france 1)
Catania (italy 1)
Brest (france 1)
Forest Green

Some extra picks thanks to widening the net, which also increases staking. x4 will be incredibly rare - but there is one.


  1. One more in Spain 1 - missed it due to hurrying, sorry. Racing Santander.

  2. And also Brest is an x2 pick. Sorry!

  3. Glad I didn't follow yesterday closely, a very swingy day by the looks, started off despondent and got better, to leave us with a live chance of finishing in profit by the looks. Estimated (not looked at closing lines) -1.5 points for yesterday, and the widened net justified itself with some decent winners in France.