Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tonight's picks

To give you a bit more time.....

Mansfield x 1.5
Hayes x 1.5
Eastbourne x 3

Good luck



  1. Damn I missed tonight's selections. Made a bit on Saturday though thanks. How many points profit did you make it Adam?

    Are you only betting on football now, have your other projects finished? I'm always a sucker for any kind of tip be it football or anything else, especially as you seem to be very good, if you want to post them. Cheers Mark

  2. not going too well at the moment, 2 losing and 1 winning. Have not looked at the closers for the weekend, will do that tomorrow and post results.

    I'm betting horses but taking it easy through october, and also betting US sports and the occasional tennis. If I blogged every bet, i'd spend all day blogging......

    Once I move over to the new blog with my selections, you'll also see some horse tips on there Mark. That's marked in for 1st November at the moment.

    Cheers and good luck

  3. well, looks like eastbourne had a real go at it! We'll get there. 6 points staked, 4.065 returned for a 1.935 loss. just updating weekend results.

  4. running 83 staked, 8.355 profit, 10.07% yield which is what we are gunning for!

  5. A good miss for me that! Yuo were unlucky with Eastbourne, they wre playing 10 men for a long period.

    Are you starting another blog on 1st November or just switching this one over? What's the reasoning behind that, you're not going to start charging are you!!??

    I suppose there will be little action this weekend, but keep up the good work. Cheers Mark

  6. Hi Mark. I'm going to contribute my selections as part of a bigger project where there are also horse racing selections being posted on a daily basis.

    The reasoning being that, with other people on board, we can build more of a platform and a proper affiliate program.

    There are no plans to charge for the selections. We may ask readers/followers to create a few accounts through the banners on the site in order to form the basis of a good affiliate program.

    Lower leagues only this weekend. That's the way I like it! I'm also working (with some promise) on some more selections which meet my criteria for sharing (>10% yield at closing lines) from other european leagues, which is exciting. That project is working well for me at the moment, but I insist on having a >95% confidence that I will meet the yield target before making things more "public" - if public counts as you and a couple of other guys reading the blog! lol

    I guess you'll be looking forward to the horse racing tips.....they've done ok so far although its very volatile, much more so than football - although you can always go for an each way option if you like - I am not so keen as I go for raw yield, but each way is sensible with a smaller bankroll.

    Good luck - and thanks for all the comments.