Saturday, 19 February 2011

19 feb 2011

Slowing down a little, but that's inevitable as mistakes are less likely until we reach the silly season.

WBA x 2.5 (they owe, to say the least)
eastbourne x 1.5
tamworth x 1.5
killie x 2
hearts x 1.5
rushden x 2.5
las palmas (spain division 2)

Going to be posting the occasional one from slightly more bizarre leagues. I recommend getting them on at betfair/pinnacle depending on your stakes because they might attract more unwanted attention at "standard" bookmakers. Leagues like switzerland, scandinavian leagues - only very sporadic plays anyway.


  1. Good luck if you play. Backing a couple of rubbish teams today - probably be a good day!

  2. thin margins, shame about the las palmas red card.

    West Brom, what can I say. Dominated the stats again (didn't see the game) - can't imagine not backing them again at some point.

  3. WBA = -2.5pts
    Eastbourne - Drew = -1.5pts
    Tamworth - Lost = -1.5pts
    Killie - Lost = -2pts
    Hearts - Won = +1.44pts
    Rushden - Postponed
    Brest - Won = +1.49pts
    Las Palmas - Drew = -1pt

    -5.57pts, staked 11.5pts, 2W-5L