Monday, 4 January 2010

A new year, a new project

First post, so I will try to keep from rambling straight away. That will come later no doubt.

Introductions: My name is Adam, and I'm a professional gambler. Although, as time will tell, its not the only thing I do, but it is the main way that I support myself.

Makes it sound like a gamblers anonymous blog already!

I've started the blog because I had a good 2009, my best year so far from a work and life point of view, and am going to try and chart my progress to improve on that in 2010. I can't see me topping the 2009 earnings in all honesty - but you never know. I've also got my wedding this year (and stag do!) and hopefully a fantastic honeymoon to look forward to.

My success as a gambler in the past has come from having multiple "income streams" or whatever those american motivational speakers like to call them - and this year I'll be looking to expand them yet further. With one company already started at the end of 2009 I'll also be a legitimate company director and 2 more ideas in the pipeline for taxable sources of income, I'm also back in the system - which I feel 2 ways about: 1) Tax - yuck. 2) Its nice to not have to look forward to living forever under the radar.

More in the next post about how I operate and make money from the murky waters of the betting markets. And (if I get any readers) before I continue, my surname isn't Heathcote, if any of you read the betfair forums :)

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