Thursday, 14 January 2010

A reader or two?

So apparently my blog has made it onto my facebook, somehow. Can't remember sharing it myself, but I guess I must have done!

Things ticking over slowly - another game passes which, a couple of years ago would have been a huge earner on the coupons, but in the "tight teenies" as they may well be called (as far as coupons are concerned) it passes without incident.

The weather still isn't helping, although at least the temperature is up a bit. Things are so quiet I'm even watching the cricket and having a blast at trading it. It's not going great at the moment, but (hopefully) its a 5 day event, so we'll see how we go.

1 comment:

  1. The coupons. Do you mean football coupons? I used to play them but can't get on anywhere nowadays, except Ladbrokes who limit me to £25! Tight teenies, like it!