Friday, 8 January 2010

What a start to the year!

Well, a big drawdown on the bank holiday 28th Dec didn't help kick things off. Had a tough time of it on multiple strategies, which is always bad news. One of those weeks that comes along maybe twice a year. Not the best way to start a new one!

Been dipping in and out of football in-play markets as well again - used to play on them quite a lot. It will remain to be seen whether the strategy I am employing there will reap any rewards (although I think it will in the long term).

Picked up nice and early on the general trends in tonight's championship game (West Brom vs Notts Forest) and will have a nice position if its under 2.5 goals and if WBA don't win. May indeed have started bailing out too early - but I've been foolish recently in not closing off what could have been some excellent trades - and every price has to stop somewhere, so I've got to approach these with a little more risk-aversion I think. I see 0-0 as a possible, or a sneaky 1-0 either way, or maybe 1-1. 1-0 forest looks like it could be a fair bet on betfair.

The rest of the weekend could well be a serious damp squib. I see it as unlikely that any lower league football will take place and Scotland looks largely if not completely out of the question. So here's hoping for some juicy continental action.

How the hell am I going to maintain a 2% account for the rest of january! Time will tell, although I have some holidays saved up which I'll be putting into practice I think.

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