Monday, 12 July 2010


With the WC over, everything is pretty much in shutdown - the source sites that i use for the projects are not spewing anything out at the moment, so we really are at a blog standstill. With upcoming wedding and honeymoon, I'm away until august now anyway, where hopefully we'll see a good start to a new season.

Betting in earnest won't start until the tail end of september to give the new season time to get into the swing of things.

A nice bit of calm before the storm! Hopefully I'll get chance to update long term results this week as well.....


  1. Hi Adam how did you do on the World Cup? I had a good run for my money with Uruguay and I also landed a nice to qualify accumalator on them, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil. I was going to put Argentina in there as well but at the price really thought they were a bad price.

    Good luck with the wedding, when is it, where are you going on your honeymoon?


  2. Hi Mark

    Apologies for the horrendously late reply! I did ok on the world cup, a small profit. Very different from the approach I took to the 2006 WC, which was extremely profitable for me, but the opportunities just were not there this time round.

    Looking forward to the next one though.

    Wedding was mid-july and for the honeymoon we went to Dubai and then the Maldives. It was really lovely, a real holiday of a lifetime.

    Gearing up for tomorrow now although its extremely unlikely that there will be any bets during august on the blog as its just information collation.


  3. Good to hear it all went well, congratulations. Understand they'll be nothing put up for a few weeks. Will you be getting your overall record up to date before putting up further bets?

  4. I do still hope to get it done. Then again I've said that before haven't I.....however I am hoping to get it done before the meat of the season gets underway.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Staked 227.81
    Total Profit +31.217pts
    Yield 13.7%
    Record 77W-95L

  6. Blade - can't thank you enough for all of that. Brilliant work.

    Record will be updated.