Tuesday, 25 May 2010


A nothing day really on monday, some winners some losers, optimised stakes staying in the 12% bracket.

Level stakes at 3%. Expecting some convergence of that at some point in the near future.

Project will be slow although not non-existent throughout the world cup.

One tiny bet gets past the filters today that will make no difference one way or another - so next update will be in a week's time when back from sin city.

Good luck all.


  1. Hi Adam are you going to continue this blog after the World Cup and update your overall record for last season? I look forward to seeing occassional updates but there's been nothing for 4 weeks now. Cheers Mark

  2. Hi Mark

    Yes i'll be continuing. Keeping my eye on the aforementioned projects but with the leagues taking breaks during the world cup and the wide availability of ratings etc for international teams, I just haven't found too much of interest to post lately.

    Once the group games are all over and we get to the first "rest" day of the WC I'll have some spare time.