Tuesday, 24 August 2010

August - the waiting game

Blog is not dead! Just lurking and collating things waiting for the season proper to start.

Also working hard on some horse racing rating potential - a major winner let slip to me a few of his secrets a few months ago so I'm all over trying to emulate at least half his ROI on horse racing! From everything I've seen so far, I'm pleasantly surprised at the rareness with which a real non-trier comes up.

Looking forward to mid-september. Crying about not having backed Torquay ante-post, thought I was getting too carried away with them but I really don't think that I was. OOPS!


  1. Hi Adam how are you? Will your tips be starting again soon? Looking forward to them - Mark

  2. Hi Mark

    Sorry for delay. Tips starting this weekend on conference, then phasing the rest in accordingly. Also involved in a very exciting NEW blog - watch this space for more!