Saturday, 15 January 2011


I've been disappointed in general with this season's results, and after the update, whilst you should easily beat the yield on here given the proofing is only with the professional books, its still not to the required standard.

I'll have to go with a "less is more" approach and try to post earlier to make sure the value hasn't been sucked out by the time anyone who is trying to get on is on.

Here we go:

Napoli x2.5
Stevenage x3
West Brom x3.5
Carlisle x1.5
Hearts x2
Stoke x3
Dagenham x1.5
Getafe x1.5
Nurnberg x2
Montpellier x2
Wolves AT 12/1 OR BETTER ONLY (betfair maybe best route)
Portsmouth x0.5 AT 5/1 OR BETTER ONLY (ditto above)

I like the shape of this weekend, a lot of homes around evens which I make a fair bit shorter. Get best prices as always of course.


  1. One thing we will be seeing less of is the shorties - last season they were exceptional, this season they have let us down, overall I expect the yield to be in the 3-5% area which can mean drawdowns (although high strike rate tempers that) - so any that are backed will be fairly strong bets. I'm talking about 4/6 and lower sort of range really.

  2. One more bet - Gillingham x1.5

  3. Napoli = -2.5pts
    Stevenage = -3pts
    West Brom = +2.485pts
    Carlisle = +1.26pts
    Stoke = +3.69pts
    Dagenham = +4.905pts
    Getafe = -1.5pts
    Nurnberg = -2pts
    Kaiserslautern = -1pt
    Montpellier = +2.02pts
    Hoffenheim = -1pt
    Mainz = -1pt
    Gillingham = +1.38pts
    Sporting Gijon = +1.35pts
    Dortmund = +2pts

    +7.09 pts. stakes 28.5pts. 8-8L