Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Midweek 18/1/11

Slim as promised. I am doing some extra pruning in general so the quantity of selections should reduce but the yield increase. I don't think the overall amount of profit should change drastically, but the swings should be smaller, which makes it easier to follow (I hope) since it shouldn't test your temperament SO much.

Gateshead (11/10 min)
Tamworth (6/5) - price is tough to get, but they are drifting and could easily get bigger, so if you can't get it, try later.
hearts x1.5
grimsby x2 (4/6 min)

Good luck


  1. With fewer picks I'll try also to put some more detail in, if its of any use! Good luck if you follow, don't gamble anything you can't afford to lose.

  2. Gateshead = +1.15pts
    Tamworth = -1pt
    Hearts = +2.625pts
    Grimsby = +1.333pts

    +4.108pts, staked 5.5, 3W-1L