Saturday, 1 May 2010

Last Championship fixtures of the season

On looking down the card, every bet my numbers recommend is either a dead rubber, a team playing a team with vastly more motivation than them, or a team with serious problems (e.g. MK dons!).

Therefore I'm exercising caution and discrection today and not betting the selections, apart from one which is standing out. I don't think this team is reading the script and might well be worth following next year in this division at a potentially big price.

That team is Torquay, who qualify as an x2 today. That's the only official bet for the record.

Good luck



  1. A pleasing 1/1.

    The other selections would have made a profit, sods law, but I'm not displeased.

  2. A good start to the month Adam. I'm still following but just not getting the opportunity to comment so much. Keep up the good work. Good luck Mark. Out of interest when will you be updating the overall record?

  3. Hi Mark

    Thanks for looking in. I will update the record when the lower leagues are all over, after next weekend