Sunday, 23 May 2010


Saturday's results were very pleasing for the test. Back to 11% yield now for optimized stakes. Things are progressing nicely on that front.

Not even tempted to include today's serie B games in the project though - took one look at the prices and just laughed. The favour system is alive and well in italy, that's all I can say! Also deleted the hungarian games since its the last matchday and the test was producing some whacking great bets in dead rubber situations/where the other team desperately needs to win.

That leaves behind only 2 filtered bets, but there's limited point in including things in the test that I wouldn't be betting on in real life, I think.

Just drags the test period out a little longer though!

Stay lucky

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  1. Well, just casting an eye on the Serie B results shows my decision was definitely the right one! All the hooky odds ons won, and i'll post this across from a forum that I use: (on a thread that's devoted to the italian "silly season" as we know it)

    Best one of the year so far

    Albinoleffe v Padova

    Padova go off 1.13 but's its 6/1 Padova HT/Padova FT and only 4/9 Draw HT/Padova FT and 8/15 its 1-1 at Half Time

    Poor match but Padova take a 41st minute lead

    4th official puts 1 minute of injury time up. Albinoleffe attack down the right, winger crosses it and the defender sidefoots it past his own keeper for a 1-1 draw

    Caveat Emptor folks.