Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday beta update

Now the sample size is 24 bets (filtered) and 45 bets in total without the filters.

Optimized stakes are yielding 23.18% (and importantly this is at prices that I have deemed achieveable, with no effort in analysing trends, trading, etc) from the entire 45 bet sample.

Level stakes are yielding 4.4% (again, not too worried - a lot of those have been huge underdogs, one of those hitting would still take the yield up to 50%, and a couple have managed a draw).

Once filtered the optimized stakes have yielded 20.59% so far, and level 12.2%. Again, its only 24 bets, but still it looks promising at this stage.

shouldn't take too long to get a sample of 200 together. Its only 10 days now till I'm nipping over to Vegas for a week though, so once the dust has settled from that, I hope some of the bets will be appearing on the blog - in fact the sample size of 200 should be finished just in time for the world cup!

Keep tuned and stay lucky!

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