Friday, 5 February 2010

Back after a week of excess

I am reliably informed that I now have a few followers, which is most welcome.

The last 8 days have seen quite a bit of action (but not really from a betting point of view). Including an audition for the illustrious eggheads! I bet CJ is quaking in his boots at the thought of 4 big guns and a water pistol shooting him down in flames.

Add on the mrs' birthday and project "lose weight for the wedding" has gone right down the pan. Going to take about a month to undo the damage done I would imagine.

From a gambling point of view, saturday was the first decent day this year - so its dragged things back from horrendous to manageably poor. Even though I missed putting a bet on at 200/1 which would have won and netted a cool 10k. Ouch.

Progress for automation is going reasonably well and hopefully there'll be a new superbot on the horizon before the end of the month. Should be a steep learning curve but there's definitely room for this action in the markets from what I have seen and done manually recently.

Hopefully I've seen the back of the most horrific drawdown of my career, although saturday was fantastic sunday was pretty horrible again, but things seem to have stabilised this week, and hopefully I can kick on for some profit for the year by the end of feb. The old methods continue to get tighter and tighter, but until the door is totally closed its still worth hammering them at least until after the world cup, I hope!


  1. Adam what do you bet on mainly? What sort of bet was the 200/1 bet you missed out on, and you'd throw £50 at that?

  2. Hi Marky - apologies for the late reply - didn't get notified that there were any comments.

    I bet football mainly, although I also bet horse racing and a little tennis. I would have bet it to £50, yes, since I had a very good feeling the bet should be no bigger than 80-90/1, and historically, my best yields have been on longshots (not this long, but the theory IMO holds good). Winners are scarce but when they come along its fantastic.

    The reason I bet in decent quantities at the moment is, apart from anything else, to make sure I maintain a 2% betfair account, as this has a lot of benefits for me in a number of ways, and also for my sub-account holders, who all contribute towards making me some gambling money in their own ways.

    Thanks for commenting.