Sunday, 7 February 2010

The swings

Well, my project "turnover fund" (which hopefully on the upshot of things will also make money, with a view to it being of interest once the coupons are well and truly all done) has had a very interesting year.

The basis behind it initially was to get turnover going to make sure that I remained safe from the evil betfair premium charge. Its certainly managed that - at the moment we must be looking at an ROI in the 1% level (if that) on a huge turnover.

Its hit a high some time last year of +27k, its then been down as far as in the red, then its been back up again - at the moment it has hit the front for the year 2010 (was 19k down at the worst stage).

The numbers are quite simply frightening. All logic dictates that by diversifying as much as I do in this project I should smooth out volatility, but it seems to be the total opposite! Zaragoza winning just now has put it up to 2.3k positive for this year. If it could make 12k by the end of this year I'd be very pleased - and as an ongoing project I am more confident now that there is profit to be made than I have ever been on the project. It's also been an amazing learning curve.

I'm not sure I've got the stomach for the day when that is the only fruit for me - hopefully it will never come. Despite a shocking start to the year from the coupon point of view, I'm a lot better positioned at close of business tonight than I have been for a few weeks. It would be nice to get some serious numbers for the year under the belt before the wedding, during the world cup - I'm still hopeful, and the markets are so huge and relatively easy to read (or were in 06) so there should be some decent opportunities.

Was 8k green on a golfer today which would have been most welcome, also 9k green on a horse - land one or two of those and the monthly/yearly P and L looks most different.

Time to keep cracking on, would take break even for the year by the end of the month quite happily!


  1. I should have read the whole blog before that last comment. Seems to me you bet on anything! For huge amounts, how can you get a horse green for 9k? Sorry about all the questions I'm just intrigued as to how 'professional' gamblers operate. Looking forward to your next update, hopefully with a bit more insight into one or two specific bets or trades. Good luck Mark

  2. Answered that other comment without seeing this one!

    easy answer to the horse question: £300 at 30/1 ;)

    I don't trade horses (unless I have very strong information that the price will contract). I think I'll start putting some of my strongest bets up on the blog, hope to build up a decent record and share a few winners. Cheers

  3. Ok, so you were red 300 the other runners? I thought you meant you were green 9k that one and breakeven on the others. Putting a few of your stronger bets up on here would be intersting to see. I'm not sure though you'd want me to share my 'strong' bets with you!! Woops boss coming. Cheers Mark