Saturday, 20 February 2010

Good start to the blog record

Ok - here are the closers I have (not all are from pinn, just best price that was available at the off at a "proper" bookmaker, figures from oddsportal):

Arsenal 1.25
Portsmouth x 2 2.28
West Ham 1.72
Fulham x 2 Sun
Wrexham 2.08
Blackpool 2.35
Palace 2.05 (!)
Peterborough Void
Oldham x 2 5.4
Stockport x 2 4.9
Carlisle 4.52
Tranmere 2.26
AFC Wimbledon 3.9
Newcastle 1.48

So - counting the x2s as 2 bets, I make that 15 points staked today and 9.84 points profit for an overall figure of 16 bets, 8.84 points profit, and a 55.25% Yield.

Obviously, can't continue at that level of performance. But its nice to have a good start.

Add one more for tomorrow, another short one I am afraid - Aston Villa.

Other than that, my golfer went out by the narrowest of margins, leaving me again wishing I hadn't promised not to lay off! But still, there will be one by the end of the year, I hope! Also a crap day on the horses, that undid a good proportion of the good work on the football - but they are volatile markets, i'm sure it will come back in the long run.

Let's hope for a decent night on the US sports.


  1. Exclamation mark there on palace since I think that was very short. That sort of price would equate to the market saying that palace would be the favs on a neutral ground in that matchup - which I just can't believe.

    Did well today and beat the closers on every game apart from arsenal. If I can keep that sort of form up, I'll be very happy.

  2. A nice start well done indeed. I could have missed it elsewhere but where does the double staking come from?

  3. Bobby Zamora for England eh!! A very impressive set of results with that one landing. I've got a question or two about your ratings/picks. Sh*t boss man coming, back later!

  4. Double staking is just a double qualifier on some of the ratings systems that I use - i.e. if the game qualifies twice on 2 (totally independent of each other) systems, its a double stakes bet.

    Any questions, fire away.