Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thurs 18 Feb

Well, 2 horrible wipeout days in the last 6, where you wouldn't believe the string of losers I have been backing. A lot of volatility with this turnover sort of strategy, and once again in a hole for the year on it. Would be nice to see it turn a profit and stay there - I hit a year high on it of +4k and now its decent numbers in the red again.

To be fair though, having had 2 days like that (and another rough one yesterday) in the last 6, I think up can be the only way forwards from here!

I'm also going through a major fine-tuning of my football ratings to try and strip out a "super-confidence system" which should limit the amount of losing days that I have. I'm trying to use a number of ratings in conjunction with each other, with the aim of knocking out the poor value bets, and hopefully coming up with something with a >10% ROI, which is the ultimate aim. I haven't got anything for this season that on its own is showing those sorts of figures (apart from the early signs on my US Sports bets) but hopefully I'll get something up and running before saturday so I can give it a live test (and post the selections on here!)

Stay lucky (or in my case, get lucky in the first place) - although I hope with being on Bayern heavy last night I haven't used up my luck allowance for the month!

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