Friday, 12 March 2010

Weekend picks

Full list of picks

Tamworth x 2
Wrexham x 2
Bradford x 2
Tottenham (would become an x2 at 1/2 or better)
Rushden (would be an x2 at 1/2 or better)
Manchester United

Also going for it on the acca front (I haven't placed it yet, I'll do it tomorrow am most likely)

0.1 pt as usual on:

West Brom

Looking at at least 500/1 there. Wouldn't fancy laying it at that sort of price.


  1. Should add that we are approaching the best point in the season (IMO) for a ratings type approach - most teams still have a fair bit to play for and are out of distraction competitions like cups. That always helps.

  2. Hi Adam, I've been away for a couple of days (not on any winnings as yet - I'm confident though!) so thought it was about time I posted another comment. Why could the above selections become x2 overnight, are you still analysing? Don't rush for me (not sure how many reader you have but not many others seem to post) in posing selections as I'm now about in the morning. Cheers Mark

  3. Hi Mark

    Thanks for posting. Its simply because there's more than I need to analyze, those are solid underdog plays which could be (and in fact some are) crystallised once I've run them through a number of filters.

  4. Hi Adam...I tried to place the acca at 188 bet, but they 'only' allow 10 team accas? Og well still pays a very nice sume if it comes in. Good luck, cheers Mark

  5. Didn't know that, thanks Mark.

    Just placed at 5dimes and I only got 424/1. Quite a considerable difference to my loose estimate on friday am. Will post it earlier and encourage an earlier bet on it in future.

  6. Guess Rushden should have been an x2 anyway - lol. shame that both of those were just under 1/2 as they were both winners.

    At first glance i thought it was a terrible day but posh saved that a little. A loss for the x2s and an overall small profit guessing the closers.

    Oxford swansea and morecambe let the acca down. As an aside a fantastic coupon exists in some independent bookmakers called "home and away" - it is a Draw no bet coupon. Would have landed today (but of course at a much shorter price) - nonetheless it is a coupon that can absolutely be taken apart. Hope you didn't just bet the x2s Mark...sorry if you did.

  7. Hi Adam - yes I did only do the x2s again but no great damage, just 0.8 of a point loss for me. I'll stick with it! Any picks for the midweek fixtures?

    I'm taking a coupe of days off this week to watch (bet on) Cheltenham. Do you follow the horses much? Good luck if you bet them this week. Cheers Mark

  8. Hi mark - late reply. Been manic here with cheltenham. Hope you have done well, I had a poor first two days despite dodging the losing favourites, then rescued today with some decent winners. Had the first 2 in the opening race today, would have been a very nice day if they had been the other way round - still I will take it.

    Weekend picks on friday night no doubt if I have any energy left in the tank!