Sunday, 7 March 2010

Weekend Roundup

Well, just filled in the closing lines s/s I am keeping, to see if I can beat the closer.

Since the blog started I've beaten the closing lines by a TOTAL of almost 4 whole points. Of course, the strike rate of the selections is such that I haven't benefitted by 4 whole points, that would only be if every selection won. Nevertheless it is encouraging and a little better than I expected.

Results/closers for the blog picks:

Bolton x 2 5.4 W
Swindon 1.72 L
Arsenal 1.16 W
Everton 1.42 W
Leeds x 2 1.47 L
Hibernian x 2 1.84 W
Rangers 1.23 W
Stevenage x 2 1.52 W
Crystal Palace 2.67 W
Peterborough 2.8 L
Plymouth 2.57 L
Sheff Wed 3.22 W
Bournemouth 2 W
Cheltenham 3.39 L
Bradford 3.7 W
Salisbury x 2 4.84 L
St Johnstone 2.46 L

0.1 pt acca was down also

22 picks (not counting acca as a pick for the records, but including the 0.1 pt loss in the total P and L).13 winners. 10.82 points of profit.

Move to 32W 34L 13.27 points of profit.

Circa 20% Yield thus far which is running below the seasonal average, but still outstanding, and I'd take that for the rest of the season for sure!

Midweek post late monday or tues AM.


  1. Impressive results. Just A shame I missed out. From your previous post I see you post weekend picks around midnight, any idea when you will post this midweeks picks? I want to be aboard th good ship '2010 and Beyond'! Good luck, Mark

  2. Hi Mark

    I'm just working on them now, will post in a few minutes

  3. Just seen you'll be posting late tonight or Tuesday AM. I'll take a look in the morning, though most bookmaker sites are banned at work so I'm not sure how I'll get anything on. C'est la vie! Mark

  4. I'll wait then if they'll be soon. Cheers