Monday, 1 March 2010

Weekend Roundup

Wigan -1
Scunthorpe -1
QPR x 2 -2
Sheff Wed -1
Watford -1
hartlepool -1
Bradford x 2 +1.1
Dag & Red x 2 +1.54
Rushden x 2 -2
Tottenham x 2 +1.86
Chelsea -1
West Brom +0.56
York -1

Acca - 0.1 pt

6.04 points of last week's profit given back. Betting 6 decent underdogs and hitting none of them pretty much accounts for that, last weekend we hit 2 decent dogs. Hoping to average about 1.5 of those a week, so running a little below that at the moment.

1/2 point of profit to those just betting the X2s.

Clear the decks for the midweek.

As an aside, went out yesterday and none of my golfers had a chance. Then got home around half ten and saw that Yang had traded at 1.70 (was hugely green on him) but was out to 95. Got to hit one soon, surely!

Back into the red overall for the year. 2 months in. Business did well last month with some good results in the last week, but got to hope the next upswing can be sustained, rather than just given back the next weekend!

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