Monday, 29 March 2010

Small Midweek




I placed it at canbet just now and they are offering a similar bonus to IAS. IAS you have to have 4 legs though and I don't like anything else enough of the right profile for an acca to chuck it in (although wrexham would be ok if you wanted a decent gamble!)

Canbet add a max of £50 to the acca if it wins, so the optimum play would be that acca to win £200 so that the 25% bonus would be fully realised. I just got 2.04, 2.38, 2.21 which is 10.73, or with the optimal bonus (or a smaller stake than to win 200) would be 13.16, which really is an excellent price for this one which I would make around a 7/1 shot

Acca 0.1 points as usual FTR.

Hoping for a decent april, historically its been a good month. So far this year jan was a real disaster, feb was a clawback month, march started fantastically and went wrong at cheltenham (wonder how many are saying that this year!), and so its been 2 steps forward 1 step back so far. Hopefully I am enough in front now though to make sure the year is profitable even after weddings and other stuff are out of the way!

No x2s in this quiet midweek card.


  1. And a poor day on the last betting day of march. Another step backwards. I had a decent bet on wrexham, the unders and also 1-0 wrexham at 10/1. In the last minute somehow fate conspired to not only blow the 1-0 and the unders, but even then at 2-1 up there was yet more to come and it ended 2-2! A good example of the luck that is eluding me this year (along with man u's capitulation in the 92nd min as well, made it a very very bad night.)

  2. Wrexham -1
    Acca -0.1

    Total Staked 1.01pts, 0W-2L, P/L -1.1pts
    Record goes to 55W-67L, +21.857pts