Saturday, 20 March 2010

Weekend Picks

Wigan x 2
West Brom x 2
Portsmouth x 2 (use your judgement. A very tough situation. New manager for Hull - although is he any good - not really IMO. Portsmouth, what are they playing for? This is a numbers bet. I'll bet it but wouldn't blame anyone for not betting it)
Wolves x 2
Bolton x 2
Grays x 2
bristol city (7/2 MIN)
Southend (13/8 MIN)
Forest Green
Hearts (13/8 MIN)
Fulham (5/2 MIN)

A few more bets. If they close below the MIN prices where specified I won't count them on the record (same goes for exeter midweek, closed below the 13/8 specified, so even though it won, it won't go on the record. FTR I did get about 66% of my bet matched above the specified price before the price shifted.)

Hoping Pompey players will want to be in the shop window and many have a world cup to play towards, so I don't think motivation is as big a factor as one might worry about here. Time will tell.

GL if you play.


  1. Late 0.1 pt acca

    West Brom
    Man Utd

  2. Good luck today, I missed doing anything due to 2 heavy and very unprofitable days at Cheltenham! How was your Cheltenham? Cheers Mark

  3. Hi mark

    I had a pretty rough time. Culminated with French Opera in the last. It did really make me look at my horse racing figures and question whether I really do have an edge - I have stripped down a few less profitable parts of what I do and am certainly looking at more quality than quantity. The problem with trying to maintain a 2% betfair account is that its all too easy to let some rot creep in if you aren't fully on top of it.

    FTR i didn't bet portsmouth in the end, nor did I bet bolton. Pompey I've decided to ignore their games from now on in (feeling smug after 80 mins and not so after 90!). Bolton was scratched after another potential filter came in to play late in the day. Wolves - again I turned down the chance to lay off at evens, gutted for the billionth time this year it seems! Keep getting those huge winners gubbed one way or another. Still, a decent day.

  4. And add manchester united as an X2

  5. Only just realised I hadn't updated! sorry about that. Still got cheltenham hangover business to deal with and its knocked things out of kilter. Friday will also be tough as I am away so picks will be sat 2pm I'm afraid.

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  7. Wigan x 2 +1.78
    West Brom x 2 +0.98
    Portsmouth x 2 0
    Wolves x 2 -2
    Bolton x 2 0
    Grays x 2 -2
    Sunderland +1.25
    bristol city (7/2 MIN) 0
    Oldham -1
    Southend (13/8 MIN) 0
    Yeovil -1
    Cheltenham -1
    Forest Green -1
    Hearts (13/8 MIN) +1.91
    Fulham (5/2 MIN) 0
    Manchester United x2 +1.74
    Acca 0.1 +1.586

    Total Staked 16.1pts, 6W-6L, P/L +2.246pts
    Record goes to 51W-54L, +21.721pts