Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Midweek Roundup

Realised that the s/s I am doing for closing lines to compare my bets to the closers is not just the blog bets, but also my other bets as well. So I haven't quite managed this on the bets put on the blog, but the s/s is now showing me beating the closer by 8.3 points. Given that I bet a lot of underdogs that's definitely to be taken with a pinch of salt, but still, its firmly on the right side and I am very pleased with it.

Portsmouth x 2 -2
Peterborough +2.43
Salisbury +5.02
Stevenage +.34

Acca +1.365

+7.155 points on the night. Portsmouth lets down the x2s for the second time. That was a tough game to call in the circumstances, but that's how it goes. Could easily have talked myself out of a bet on pompey, could easily have talked myself back into it!

Had a very decent night with some other underdogs that I didn't post up winning as well.

Puts me back into the black to a decent level for the year, let's hope I can stay there!

I'll try to post a few weekend picks sometime tomorrow but there won't be any x2s until the wee hours of saturday AM.

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