Thursday, 25 March 2010

Weekend earlies

May well really struggle to get another post in - if I do it will be 2pm on sat which isn't ideal if you are tracking - so sorry about that.

Usual riders on the early posts - some could become x2s or even be scratched in some circumstances.

Acca first - and a quick note about it: are a decent enough aussie book who used to own canbet. They are doing a 25% bonus to all multis of 4 legs and up with combined odds of 5.0. The bonus is capped at $150 (not sure how that translates) but still, its well worth having since their prices are pretty fair in the first place. Not as good as the asians, but with the 25% that allows some leeway. I did a quick comparison and figured to be much better off placing the following with them (0.1 pt as usual)

Notts Co

I like the numbers but I also like the bet, looks a fair shout, I think I got around 14.5 + whatever the bonus works out as, a fair price indeed. 17.875 if you get the full 25% bonus (don't go over the cap). More like a 10/1 shot in my opinion.


5 doggies to start things off!

Good luck - keep stakes manageable.


  1. I'm currently mega occupied so will have to let the overall record slide for a while. Sorry!

  2. acca down and one dog in at circa 9/2 gives a small freeroll on wigan with a little profit even if they come in. Crazy day today and just didn't have time to put the picks up - ftr it was a losing day for the x2s and generally a losing day. Had a tough drawdown that has kept profits minimal for the last few weeks. Historically april is an excellent month though so I am hopeful.

  3. Hey what's going on? I wouldn't like to knock but you seem to be letting the blog slip badly lately. I was just getting used to your midweek picks/updates, weekend picks/updates. I hope everything is ok with you? I have been following the x2 :( but luckily my super lays have been paying off recently - Everton under 2.1 being the big winner today. To me that was a silly price considering how big nose has Wolves playing. Nice bit of after timing there but I don't want to takeover your blog!!!

  4. Hi Mark

    Cheltenham was an extremely busy (and non-soccer) week for me, so its had lasting consequences. Plus I was out of the UK for all of friday and only returned early saturday AM which meant I had to look after my own interests before 3pm, and didn't even have 10 minutes to update the blog.

    Well done for taking everton on - personally on my figures they were a bet. Its not an area I've had much success in this year, away teams priced between evens and around 7/4. It's all about the price though and I would have made them a shade of odds on, so over 11/10 was a bet for me.

    I thought the most ridiculously priced away team of the day was without a doubt arsenal - even though Brum have looked recently like they are halfway on holiday, they always raise their game for the big boys and with their home record this season combined with arsenal's injuries, I just thought the market was way way off. From an AH point of view giving them a full ball early in the week was almost a shot to nothing (although backing arsenal's oppo +1 can be a dangerous game since if they do click, they seem unstoppable sometimes).

    Feel free to post your thoughts though, the blog benefits from more opinions and posts without a doubt!

  5. Wycombe -1
    Accrington -1
    Wigan -1
    Hereford +4.32
    Southend -1
    Acca -0.1

    Total Staked 11pts, 1W-5L, P/L +0.22pts
    Record goes to 55W-65L, +22.957pts